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year of the rooster (53K)

Here's my first submission for Illustration Friday.
I'm a bit late, but I hope I'm still on time :P.
The theme was: Year of the Rooster, related to the Chinese New Years Day.

very nice...I love the colors and textures...
by violetismycolor (

Very very cool. What medium(s) did you use? And how did you achieve that well-loved record album cover scratched-up texture?
by Heather (

That is soooooo beautiful!
by haiku girl (

I love this!
by leigh (

I like... your illustration-style. It's incredibly awesome. How do you create this?
by papunella (

this is lovely, I like the subtle colors and the lines. Nice to see white on blace rather than black on white.
by sheila (

Awesome feel to this. What medium(s) did you use (I see a couple of other people are just as curious)? Elle
by Elle (

This is simply beautiful. I love your use of texture and color. Wow!
by Lisa (

looks great! looks like something you'd see on a tshirt. :)
by joleen (

beautiful, colours and design
by Kim (

one of my frickin' faves! you made my jaw drop. love this. hope to see more from you!
by erika (

Why did you crop the feet off? This is very it silk screened?
by E Nolan (

thank you all :). i drawn this piece all in photoshop with a wacom tablet. the dust textures were made with some photoshop brushes i've got from internet. why i crop the feet off? i don't know... this was made in one-shot, so what i draw is what you get ;)
by r (

by Jessica Poundstone (

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